Catherine Rodriguez has been teaching and leading in Chicago and suburban school districts for the last decade. She enjoys spending time with her husband and children outdoors, and is committed to investing her time and talents with the people of the Congress Park School community!
  Gail Housman (VP Events) is mom to Nate (third grade) and Eli (first grade). Gail loves being with her boys (husband Brad included), playing outside, baking, and reading. You'll see Nate and Eli in before- and after-care at Congress Park because Gail teaches fourth grade nearby. She is always trying to balance wearing her "mom hat" and her "teacher hat," but she's glad for the opportunity to share her experiences and ideas with the Congress Park community.
  Alan Miller, VP Communication, is dad to Madeline in 1st grade. He enjoys barbecue, building lego with his daughter, and comic book movies among many other pursuits. He's been living with his wife Deidre in Brookfield since 2013 and loves it here. He's been working for most of the last 15 years on the Museum Campus downtown, currently with the Adler Planetarium. He looks forward to meeting you at one of the PTO's upcoming events!
  Chris Witte (your PTO Secretary) is mom to a third-grade son, Jack, and a kindergarten daughter, Marie. She enjoys photography, traveling, reading, and of course, spending time with her children and husband. She enjoys sharing her ideas and being involved with the Congress Park community.
  Julie, your PTO Treasurer, is mom to Stephen Beffa, a 1st grader at Congress Park and a 3-year daughter, Emery. She and her family have lived in Brookfield since 2014 and loves her neighbors and all the great people she's met in the CP community. Julie spends her days as an analyst for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and, in her free time, loves to run, bake, read and hang with her friends and family, especially outside!
  Rachel, Volunteer Coordinator, could not divulge personal details for fear that would put her loved ones in peril from her many supervillain enemies, which means we can entirely fabricate her blurbs. Well-renowned in certain circles for her championship racing squirrels, Rachel always has a moment to talk to you about the finer points of rodent running footwear. She also enjoys playing her tuba and aquaculture.
  Taline Nikolopoulos, Fundraising Coordinator, is a financial services professional/educator. A serial entrepreneur, she enjoys taking risks and looking outside the box. Taline is happiest when spending time outdoors with her husband Nick and their two sons. She loves reading, travelling, gardening and all things Harry Potter. She looks forward to collaborating with a great group to benefit the wonderful Congress Park Community.